Some folks don’t like kettle corn but said they liked Grand Pop’s!  Popcorn connoisseurs  have been seeking Grand Pop’s Best® out ever since and asking, “where can I get it?” To help 'em out, GrandPop got some of his family together and started handcrafting kettle corn for health food stores in metropolitan Richmond, VA.  Soon gourmet food stores as far north as Connecticut began stocking Grand  Pop’s Best® Kettle Corn.

Grand Pops Best Kettle Popped PopcornGrand Pops Best Concession Tent at Outdoor World Hampton, VAGrand Pops Best Concession Tent at Norfolk HarborfestGrand pops Best Original Concession TentGrandpop at Event

Loosing all that money in the 2000 “” stock market crash prompted GrandPop to start popping corn in this “new” old way .  His distinctive 21’ X 21’ popcorn tent popped up at  festivals, fairs and events.  Many customers said his kettle corn is the best tasting popcorn.   

A fire cracker hot 750-degree big black kettle (don’t try this at home) is how GrandPop starts the process for authentic kettle popped popcorn. The stirring, however, is the secret that enables you to enjoy this reduced-fat popcorn.   Sweet (pure cane sugar) and salt (from the sea) combine with popcorn (whole grain) for an authentic kettle corn.  Also try our just lightly salted kettle popped corn—a great tasting nutritious food that’s welcome in today’s health conscious environment. Enjoy Grand Pop’s Best right out of the bag or microwave 15 seconds at a time and stir to warm for “that just out of the Kettle” taste.  You may also freeze kettle corn - a great idea to be sure you'll have some on hand for those late night cravings.




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